• The Complete Guide to an IPA Beer

    Aug 29

    Do you love a good bottle of your favorite beer? When it comes to our taste in brews, some of us are adventurous and love to dig into new flavors and brew types whenever we get a chance, while others prefer to stick to the same brew we've been drinking ...

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  • Evolution of Flavor — How Beer Has Changed Over the Years

    Aug 29

    Are you a beer lover? When it comes to kicking back, enjoying a Vikings game and relaxing with friends in your living room or getting rowdy with other football fans at the bar, there's nothing better than sipping a few cans or pints of your favorite brew. Whether it's Friday ...

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  • 4 Beer Games to Play at Your Summer Cookout

    Jun 20

    Summer is back again, and you know what that means — hot, steamy days, long, lazy evenings, picnics, cookouts and neighborhood fun. Are you hosting a cookout this season for the Fourth of July or simply some old-fashioned eating enjoyment, outdoor-style? Celebrate summer with your friends and neighbors by making your ...

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  • Four Local Craft Beers to Try

    May 10

    If you enjoy a frosty, frothy beverage from time to time, you already know there’s nothing quite like the Minneapolis craft beers you’ll find in the City of Lakes. Craft beer lovers can explore the beverage menu at Tasty Pizza’s Hangar 45. When you visit our aviation-themed bar, ...

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  • A Look at Different Styles of Beer for International Beer Day

    Aug 9

    International Beer Day is celebrated in more than 200 cities across the globe — and here at Tasty Pizza, we’re happy to raise a toast and rejoice in the unmatched greatness of beer. To celebrate, let’s take a look at the different styles of beer that stem from ales and ...

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  • Tasty Pizza Craft Beer Pairings

    Aug 23

    Pairing pizza with craft beer is a must. Not only does the crust, sauce and cheese of the pizza complement your beer, but your brew’s flavoring highlights your pizza’s toppings for an unmatched taste bud experience. At Tasty Pizza, we offer 18 beers on tap, many of which are ...

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  • Five Fantastic Fall Beers

    Oct 6

    For some, it may be hard to accept that fall has already arrived — but not for beer lovers. The arrival of fall means a fresh crop of some of the year’s tastiest beers, which are a welcoming departure from the pale ales and lighter beverages we all enjoyed throughout ...

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  • New Craft Breweries in Minnesota this Year

    Dec 6

    Last year, Minnesota saw a tremendous number of breweries open within its borders. While many of them seem like they have some real staying power, others have missed the mark so far. Although the competition between craft beer breweries has increased as the result of the greater number of breweries ...

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  • A Brief History of Beer in America

    Jan 18

    It should be no surprise that beer has had a presence in America since its first settlers arrived in Virginia in the late 1500s. But did you know early attempts of brewed beer were undrinkable? Or that several of the founding fathers brewed their own beer at their estates? Explore ...

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  • 3 Summer Recipes That Include Beer

    Jun 6

    When the hot, hazy days and long, balmy nights of summer roll around again, there's nothing more refreshing than a cold splash of craft beer to tantalize your taste buds and cool you down. All those delicious drinks call for some accompanying dishes, but that doesn't mean you have to ...

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