5 Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party for Adults

Published July 16th, 2019 by Todd Estrem

5 Tips for How to Throw a Pizza Party for Adults

Do you think you’ve outgrown pizza parties? We’ve got news for you. Everyone loves pizza and these types of parties are making a huge comeback, for good reason. Your guests will be thrilled with the nostalgia factor and will love the food. A fun pizza party also takes all the pressure off you. No worrying about what to cook or stressing about washing dishes.

A pizza party for adults does exactly what every good get-together should do — it lets you focus on having fun and talking to your guests. Here are a few adult dinner party ideas you can use to create an event all your guests will adore:

1. Jazz It Up

You don’t have to eat right out of the box. In fact, you shouldn’t. Set up a gingham tablecloth and some cloth napkins. Put out good dinnerware or rustic wood boards or slates for a high-end restaurant feel. Play Italian music in the background and light some candles. Or take it outside and dine al fresco. String lights from the deck. Create an upscale setting — the pizza will be just as delicious and your guests will enjoy the freedom to admire your chic style.

2. Add Some Personalization

Serve wine with pizza? You bet! Italian reds are a wonderful pairing and take pizza into sophisticate territory fast. You can even set up a pizza and wine tasting. Choose a variety of reds, whites and even rosés and different types of pizza. Let guests find the best pairings. Set out balsamic vinegars and antipasto trays so you can nibble in between tastings. You can even get creative and add some ingredients to each pizza to make your own creations!

3. Host a Potluck

Have everyone bring their own pizza to share. It’s a great way to enjoy new-to-you pizzas while getting your guests involved!

Why not split up the menu? Divvy up appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks — and enjoy the surprise of seeing what everyone brings! Set a common theme, like classic Italian, for guests to base their dishes around. Or leave it open-ended and let the creative juices flow! No matter how you plan it, you can't go wrong with a pizza potluck.

4. Play Games

Sometimes it’s good not to be too mature. Pairing delicious pizza with games lets everyone unwind! Pizza is the perfect accompaniment to games because you can keep playing while you eat.

Set up a selection of board games to guests to enjoy while they nibble. Or — why not host a casino night and pair tasty food with classic card games? If you'd like a more interactive evening, murder mystery parties are a perfect way to encourage guests to interact and revel — all while enjoying their pizza on the go!

5. Go Italian

What better way to throw a pizza party than with an Italian theme? Set up an outdoor space like an Italian piazza and serve your pizza with Italian desserts and drinks. Frame pictures of the most famous pieces of Italian art around. Send your invites on Roman or Sicilian postcards and ask everyone to dress up as an Italian historical figure or Italian movie character. As you eat pizza together, watch Italian-inspired movies or even an opera.

Of course, to throw the perfect Minneapolis pizza party for adults, you need delicious pizza. Pizza can take over a day to prepare, thanks to the slow cooking process of the sauce and slow dough rising. You also need an oven hotter than any domestic oven can go.

No worries, though. Tasty Pizza has the real deal, with delicious pizzas made the way you want. You can even save money on your next party with online only deals and you can order online for any last-minute get-togethers.

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