We will be closed on July 4th to celebrate this great day!

Order your pre-cooked pizza and freeze or refrigerate for next-day cooking. Oven bake or grill our wings – just some ideas to make your Fourth of July fun!

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About Us

Since we opened our doors in 1963, Tasty Pizza – Hangar 45 has been about one thing: providing a wonderful food experience for our community right here in Minneapolis. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly restaurant that crafts delicious homemade goodies like pizzas, wings, burgers and fries your whole family will enjoy. And don’t forget our adjoining bar, “Hangar 45,” which features a WWII aviation theme, and has 14 TVs and 3 110” big screens — perfect for watching Vikings games and enjoying our amazing food and drink specials. Bring in your current Military ID and it’s happy hour all the time! Come by Tasty Pizza for the best pizza in north Minneapolis!

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  • Wow. I can't believe there isn't more Tasty Pizza love on this page! I agree with Johnny C. The pizza is great. They also have fantastic fried chicken, ribs and sandwiches. They are my "go-to" delivery in NE Minneapolis for pizza or comfort food

  • "Go here if you love a good thin greasy pizza. Nothing fancy about the food or establishment, no gourmet pizzas, no overpriced pastas. Sometimes you just need a good down home place with history."

  • "This place is the best traditional pizza joints in town- that offers more than just pizza. Granted, I am biased because I've been going there for 25+ years, but the thin crust is greasy-awesome goodness. A friend of mine had one of their Pizzas put on dry ice and shipped to his home Arizona."

  • My favorite pizza place. Fantastic pizza and chicken wings, in fact anything on their menu is fantastic. Friendly service and amazing staff. Tasty's has always had an awesome atmosphere. I...

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