Best Pizza Toppings - Ranked

Published April 12th, 2019 by Todd Estrem

Best Pizza Toppings - Ranked

Admit it — you have your go-to favorite pizza topping. It's the order you always place and the taste you crave. Once in a while, though, you have to wonder about other toppings. What flavors are you missing? What do other people consider the best pizza toppings ever?

In an effort to settle the debate over which pizza toppings deserve a nod, we pulled together a list of some traditional must-haves as well as more adventurous taste bud options.

"Whatever Happened To..." Runner-Up: Anchovies

We start with the humble, but unforgettable, anchovy. It brings an air of intense salt and sea to any pizza pie, which may be why it has become a rarity. However, some die-hard anchovy fans do insist that it belongs on their pizzas. Proceed with caution, though. A little anchovy goes a long way!

"Wild Card" Runner-Up: Sauerkraut

Never thought about placing sauerkraut on your pizza? Boy, are you missing out! Sauerkraut mixed with polish sausage adds a crisp snap that will get your attention. If you love a little sauerkraut on New Year's Day, you have to check it out as a pizza topping.

10. Pineapple

You may not be able to jump a plane to the tropics. Bring the warmth to you with a little pineapple on your pizza. Count on lots of juicy sweetness to complement the sass of red sauce.

9. Canadian Bacon

Give a nod to our neighbors to the north by adding Canadian bacon to your favorite pizza! This pizza topping makes a wonderful alternative to other meats. Plus, it pairs well with other ingredients, including pineapple and all sorts of vegetables.

8. Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sure, you already have some tomato flavor on your pizza in the form of sauce. And yet, sun-dried tomatoes have a robust intensity that really rounds out the whole pie. Just adding sun-dried tomatoes to a normal cheese pizza elevates it in ways you cannot imagine until you take a bite.

7. Olives

Thank you, Mediterranean! Whether you choose green or black olives, you will be sure to appreciate the ambiance they bring to a fresh, hot pizza. Having trouble deciding which type of olive to suggest for your Tasty Pizza order? Go for both for a radically awesome olive pie.

6. Sausage and Hamburger

You would love a juicy hamburger, but your friends all want pizza. Compromise by ordering a pizza with crumbled sausage or hamburger meat. Aside from being incredibly mouthwatering, it also adds some protein to the mix.

5. Onions

When you want an earthy tang, go for onions as a pizza topping. Onions provide the perfect side note to just about any pizza — even a Hawaiian-themed one.

4. Peppers

Peppers may be the most prolific and yet little-talked-about pizza toppings on the planet. So many orders of pizzas come in with requests for green, red, banana and jalapeno peppers! Remember that green and red peppers offer crunch and sweetness, while banana and jalapenos provide a hotter element.

3. Mushrooms

The good ol' mushroom hits number three on the list because it has been a staple for generations. Nothing can compare to the heartiness of a sliced mushroom tucked neatly into gooey cheese.

2. Pepperoni

So many diners view pepperoni as an important option that it definitely deserves a top spot on the best pizza toppings rating chart. The highest-quality pepperoni brings a dash of character to a cheese pie.

1. Cheese

Finally, we come to the number-one topping of them all! Cheese is a hit every time. Unless you cannot eat dairy, cheese is almost always a necessary addition that helps define the character of a pizza. Whether heaped on top or just slightly covering the sauce, cheese is hard to beat for flavor and texture.

Getting a bit hungry? Call or visit Tasty Pizza to order up a pie with the best pizza toppings. Be sure to taste test some new varieties and combinations. Who knows? You might just discover your next favorite pizza by mixing and matching the best pizza toppings ever!

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