7 Best Ways to Eat Pizza

Published August 21st, 2019 by Todd Estrem

You've been eating pizza for years. If they handed out Olympic medals for this thing, you'd be all gold! But have you ever thought about how you eat your pizza? There are actually a few different ways to dive in and get all that sauce, cheese, and toppings goodness — and how you tackle that pie says a lot about you.

Eating Pizza With a Fork

Find it weird? You shouldn’t. It’s how they do things in the Old Country. In Italy, in more formal settings, pizza is not sliced for you and you eat with a fork and knife. Eating with a knife and fork also makes sense if you want to avoid blisters by eating lava-hot pizza or if you want to avoid getting your hands messy. It’s an especially useful technique if you’re eating a deep-pan pizza with lots of toppings.

Eating Pizza With Your Hands

Sometimes you just need to get in there! Eating with your hands is the fastest, most direct pan-to-mouth route. Eating pizza with your hands is the most common North American style, perfected by countless college graduates over many movie nights. Tasty Pizza is ideal for eating with your hands because our round Minneapolis square-cut pizza is easy to handle.

Eating Blotted Pizza

Some people like to blot their pizza to catch excess oil before eating their slice. If you’re worried about extra calories but aren’t quite ready to wave the white flag and order a salad, this may be the right technique for you.

Folding Your Pizza

This one is steeped in controversy, but many people like folding their pizza before they bite in. Some pizza eaters favor the half-fold, where you pinch one end of the pizza. Either way, it’s pretty handy if you’re on-the-go and don’t want to lose even one morsel of your toppings. This technique also keeps softer, thin-crust pizzas from flopping all over the front of your shirt.

Ripping Your Pizza Apart First

Get in touch with your inner animal and rip apart your pizza nibble by nibble. Or, you can scoop the toppings off first and eat them one by one.

Eating Your Pizza Stacked

For the ultimate in efficiency, and perfect for competitive eaters, why eat one slice when you can eat two at the same time? Just stack one slice on top of the other, either with crusts or toppings touching, and eat your pizza like a sandwich.

Eating Crust-First

Who says you have to eat the topping end first? Starting with the crust gives you a nice carb layer for the flavor explosion that’s coming next. It's also perfect for anyone who just likes to be a little different.

No matter how you eat your pizza in Minneapolis, you deserve a delicious slice. And let’s face it: now that you’re thinking of all these ways to eat pizza, you’ll want to try out a few new techniques with a pizza of your own. So go ahead and order right now from Tasty Pizza, the most delicious pizza in the Twin Cities. And be sure to check out our online-only offers in the Deals tab. They can save you money — even if you eat your pizza folded!

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