• Staff Favorites - Menu Items

    May 24

    If you're indecisive, you don't have to feel the panic of not knowing what to get at Tasty Pizza! Here's what our team members recommend trying!

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  • Best Pizza Toppings - Ranked

    Apr 12

    In an effort to settle the debate over which pizza toppings deserve a nod, we pulled together a list of some traditional must-haves as well as more adventurous taste bud options.

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  • Gluten-Free Options!

    Apr 8

    Tasty Pizza has added awesome gluten-free options to their menu. Not only does this allow you to feel confident eating out with friends, but it gives you the chance to discover what may become gluten-free favorites.

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  • Best Appetizers - Ranked

    Mar 7

    When it comes to starter meals, we know that not all appetizers are created equal. That's why we've put together this list of our best appetizers. Keep reading to see how each one of our starter meals ranks. Let the best appetizer competition begin!

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  • 5 Best Wing Dipping Sauces

    Feb 8

    Every chicken wing connoisseur is faced with a difficult question. What type of wing sauce is the best? We couldn't come up with just one answer, so we chose five. You can also enjoy these sauces with french fries, cheese curds, onion rings and more. Use your imagination!

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  • Pizza and Ranch

    Feb 4

    Dipping pizza in ranch dressing has become an iconic food pairing. Learn more about the history of pizza and ranch and which of our pizzas pairs best with our homemade ranch dressing. 

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  • French Fries or Onion Rings?

    Jan 2

    If you had to choose between French fries or onion rings right this second, which would you go for? Maybe French fries are your obvious answer. Or maybe it's onion rings — duh! But perhaps it's not such a simple decision. Could it be that you enjoy both equally?

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  • Top 5 Pasta Invento Combinations

    Jan 4

    Head over to Tasty Pizza to create your own custom pasta dish - perfectly paired with our thin-crust pizza! You can choose among four mouthwatering types of pasta, five delicious sauces, three kinds of meat, and nine additional add-ons, including veggies and cheese.

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  • 4 Ways to Eat Leftover Pizza

    Nov 12

    When you order a delicious pizza, you may be tempted to eat the entire thing in one sitting. But, sometimes the size of our stomach prevents us from indulging that much. But don't worry — there's more you can do with your leftover pizza than just eating it cold or reheating ...

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  • Best Burger Toppings - Ranked

    Nov 5

    Toppings play a big part in the taste of any fantastic burger. Although a soft yet sturdy bun and perfectly cooked meat are essential, the toppings can transform a good burger into something to remember! Below is our ranking of the best toppings from almost best to the very ...

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