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Published May 24th, 2019 by Todd Estrem

What Should You Get at Tasty Pizza in Minneapolis?

You walk into Tasty Pizza and look at the menu. Your eyes scan across the pages, frantically searching for something you want. Beads of sweat start to appear on your brow, your heart starts to race, and the hunger you once felt in your stomach has now been replaced with butterflies.

We get it — you're the kind of person that, when asked if you're indecisive, replies, "Well... yes and no." That means you're also the kind of person who comes into Tasty Pizza for a delicious meal and just can't decide which of the tantalizing items on our menu will grace your rapacious palate.

Our Staff Picked Menu Items

We understand that indecisive feeling on a deep level, which is why we've conducted "highly scientific" tests — A.K.A. eating copious amounts of Tasty Pizza creations — to create a list of approved-by-employees menu items. We worked tirelessly doing this service for the greater good. If you're indecisive, you don't have to feel the panic of not knowing what to get at Tasty Pizza!

Here's what our team members recommend trying:

  • Todd E. (Owner): Spaghetti with Mamma T's Red Sauce, Cheese and Red Peppers with Garlic Toast
  • Tawnya E. (Owner): Tasty T Pizza — SECRET MENU ITEM ALERT! This is a pizza with pepperoni, onion and red pepper on top
  • Rebekah A.: Made-Rite with Cheese w/ Raw Onions & Chips
  • Medina H.: Thick Whiteout Pizza with Bruschetta
  • Brett S.: Cheeseburger with Fried Onions & Fries
  • Ryan W.: Dewey 
  • Windy I.: Nordeaster pizza w/ Pepperoni (on top) & Pineapple well done
  • Melea B.: Pepperoni, Sausage & Bacon Pizza with a side of ranch
  • Heather J.: Taco Pizza
  • Savannah M.: Pepperoni & Pineapple Pizza
  • Ashley H.: Italian Dip with Cheese
  • LaRissa S.: Whiteout Pizza
  • Natalie R.: Taco Pizza
  • Paul W.: Dewey
  • Greg T.: Hamburger pepperoni pizza
  • Daniel R.: BLT Sandwich
  • Kelley W.: BLT Club Sandwich
  • Chad B.: BLT Club Sandwich
  • Marcy A.: Taco Pizza
  • Rich B.: Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza
  • Brendon M.: Tasty Burger & Fries
  • Jacob K.: Jumbo Wings & Buffalo Sauce
  • Melody H.: Lasagna & Garlic Cheese Bread
  • JoJo R.: Jumbo Wings & Ranch
  • Ashley A.: Gluten-free pizza with Tomatoes and Mushrooms
  • Tammy G.: Whiteout Pizza, skip the broccoli and add polish sausage and bacon
  • Nolie S.: Buffalo Chicken Pizza with a side of ranch
  • Emmy K.: Hot Roast Beef Sandwich with Swiss
  • Mackenzie D.: Pepperoni, Sausage, Onion and Black Olives on a Thick Crust Pizza

Try Our Employee-Approved Menu Items

If you're as hungry as we are after reading that list, you'll want to stop into Tasty Pizza and try one (or all) of these staff picks! The best part? You can have your food hot and waiting for you when you arrive by placing an online order — it's fast, easy and you won't have to wait to pick up your food once you arrive.

We can also deliver your order straight to your door if you just can't bear to leave the house for your steaming hot pizza. One of our delicious staff picks is sure to satisfy any pizza lovers' taste buds.

Whether you prefer veggies, meat or extra cheese, Tasty Pizza has something for everyone. Call us at 763-571-2722 or order online today to try one of our staff picks and the tastiest pizza in town at Tasty Pizza!

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