Pizza and Ranch

Published February 4th, 2019 by Todd Estrem

There have been many amazing culinary combinations throughout history. From peanut butter and jelly to bacon and eggs to burgers and fries, sometimes one food is just not as good without the other. We believe pizza and ranch dressing belong on that distinguished list.

Compared to those other longstanding food couples, ranch and pizza are a relatively recent entry. Why do these two things, so incredible on their own yet even better when they're eaten together, make such an unforgettable combination? We undertook a full investigation into the pizza and ranch phenomenon.

The History of Pizza and Ranch

As you might imagine, a lot of people lay claim to coming up with the pizza-ranch mashup. First, you have to understand the history of ranch dressing itself. It dates to the 1950s, when Hidden Valley Ranch began producing it as a salad topping, based on the longtime Western favorite called buttermilk dressing. Once the dressing became popular, other people started producing their own versions.

How did the marriage of pizza and ranch come about, though? No one knows exactly where it started. Most believe college students, after a night of partying, tried dipping their pizza in their salad dressing on a dare. The joke was on whoever came up with that trick — it turned out the combination was fantastic, and others began to try it. By at least the mid-1990s, the idea had swept across the nation.

Pizza shops began offering ranch dressing as an add-on to delivery orders. People discovered that no matter what their topping, ranch provided the perfect complement. Many people now believe you can't even eat pizza unless you have a side of ranch to dunk into.

Why Is Ranch on Pizza So Irresistible?

Pizza gets acid from the tomato sauce, as well as a healthy dose of starchy carbs from the crust. These two tastes meld together beautifully, and ranch puts another layer on top of that. Its creaminess, derived from the buttermilk base, offsets both the acid and starch to coat your mouth in herby goodness. We can't think of a better indulgence when you need something hearty and satisfying.

What Pizza Goes Best With Ranch?

We'll be honest: There is no wrong choice when it comes to pizza and ranch. You will learn through trial and error that you cannot find a bad combination. We recommend trying ranch with:

  • Plain cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Jalapeno and cheese
  • Tasty highlight
  • Barbecue pizza

Our Buffalo chicken pizza even comes with a side of ranch or blue cheese dressing. However, a true ranch lover will enjoy this addition to every pizza on our menu.

Order Ranch Dressing to Accompany Your Pizza Today

All this talk of ranch and pizza probably has you craving that unique taste right now. You can check out our menu and place an order for delivery. You can get a 4-ounce side of our homemade ranch when you order online for just 75 cents. Remember, when you dunk your pizza in ranch, you are part of an important movement in pizza history. Enjoy it.

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