4 Beer Games to Play at Your Summer Cookout

Published June 20th, 2018 by Unknown

Summer is back again, and you know what that means — hot, steamy days, long, lazy evenings, picnics, cookouts and neighborhood fun. Are you hosting a cookout this season for the Fourth of July or simply some old-fashioned eating enjoyment, outdoor-style? Celebrate summer with your friends and neighbors by making your get-together a little extra fun. For adults, here are four summer beer games to play at a cookout.


Since you're already outside, you might as well take advantage of the space — and the opportunity for some old-fashioned beer pong, supersized for extra excitement. Collect some giant trashcans and set them up beer-pong-style in your yard in lieu of small solo cups, then use an appropriately sized soccer ball or volleyball to make your shots. Your guests will enjoy the energy — just make sure you still use solo cups for drinking, because filling those trash cans with beer would take a hefty dollar.


Want to try something silly? Inspired by the Wild West film, this wacky game is the six-pack version of a shootout. Players will pair up and stand with their backs to each other, then take 10 paces. Facing away from each other, chug your beers, crush your cans, turn around and chuck the cans at each other. The first person to hit his or her opponent is the winner.


Does your backyard include a pool for cooling off? Use it to your advantage when planning your cookout games this summer. If your guests want to have some fun in the sun while staying pleasingly refreshed, treat them to a game of pool pong. Using a level floating table or blowup bed, set up your solo cups and usher your guests into the pool. Some floaties are even made to hold cups! A bonus of this beer game is that when you miss a shot, your ball will just float in the pool, and you'll get some exercise when you swim to retrieve it. Make a splash!


Are your guests fans of baseball or big-shots when it comes to hand-eye coordination games? Shake up their sense of balance with this dynamic drinking game perfect for outdoor picnics and cookouts. Just make sure your players can hold their liquor and there aren't any obstacles present.

Start with a Wiffle ball and bat. Carefully cut off the end of the plastic bat, make sure the inside is clean and get ready for a wild time. Fill up the hollow bat with beer and pass it around your group of guests. Each player must chug as much as they can, spin around in a circle for 10 seconds and use the bat to try to hit the ball another player pitches. Your guests will be spinning, running and stumbling around in good fun — but look out for weak stomachs.

This summer, nothing says relaxation like letting go of that workplace tension and kicking back with friends and neighbors at an evening cookout. Enjoy these summer beer games and stay safe!

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