Four Local Craft Beers to Try

Published May 10th, 2017 by Unknown

If you enjoy a frosty, frothy beverage from time to time, you already know there’s nothing quite like the Minneapolis craft beers you’ll find in the City of Lakes. Craft beer lovers can explore the beverage menu at Tasty Pizza’s Hangar 45. When you visit our aviation-themed bar, you’ll see we offer a generous selection of craft beers that will satisfy even the most discerning beer connoisseur.

Craft Beers at Tasty Pizza

We’re hard-pressed to think of anything that goes together better than a cold craft beer and our thin-crust pizza. No matter what toppings you add to your pizza and regardless of the brew you choose, they simply go hand in hand. Whether you appreciate full-flavored craft beers or a beverage with a less-powerful flavor profile, we have a locally crafted beer for you.

We have 18 beers on tap in Hangar 45, most of which are local craft beers. When you visit Tasty Pizza, you’ll discover just how satisfying Minneapolis craft beers can be, especially when paired with the best pizza in town.

Here are four craft beers you should sample when you come to our family-owned and operated restaurant:

  • Obsidian Stout: When you see this drink poured into your glass, you’ll know exactly what inspired its name — volcanic flow. This beer has several palette-pleasing layers of flavor that increase the refreshment it provides. With just one sip, you’ll taste espresso and a chocolate flavor that lingers for the perfect amount of time. The roasted malt and barley Deschutes Brewery uses to create this masterpiece give the beer a smooth finish.
  • Troll Way IPA: Troll Way IPA isn’t one of our most popular beers just because it’s fun to say. It’s the beverage of choice for many of our visitors because it’s simply delicious. The first thing you’ll notice as you prepare to take a sip of this beer is a subtle scent of peach and lemon zest. These flavors work perfectly with the beer’s tropical fruitiness.
  • Cacao Bender: If you like the indulgent combination of coffee, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs, you’ll favor this flavorful beer. You’ll only find this beer during special events hosted by Tasty Pizza, however, so book your next special event to get it.
  • Odell IPA: The Odell Brewing Company used the traditional IPA shipped to India from breweries based in England centuries ago as the model for this deliciously bitter beer. Once you try this beverage, you’ll realize there’s nothing else quite like it, and you’ll have to order another 16-oz draft the next time you visit Tasty Pizza’s Hangar 45.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, inviting place to indulge in some of the region’s best craft beers, visit Tasty Pizza in Central Plaza today.

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