• 4 Ways to Eat Leftover Pizza

    Nov 12

    When you order a delicious pizza, you may be tempted to eat the entire thing in one sitting. But, sometimes the size of our stomach prevents us from indulging that much. But don't worry — there's more you can do with your leftover pizza than just eating it cold or reheating ...

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  • Best Burger Toppings - Ranked

    Nov 5

    Toppings play a big part in the taste of any fantastic burger. Although a soft yet sturdy bun and perfectly cooked meat are essential, the toppings can transform a good burger into something to remember! Below is our ranking of the best toppings from almost best to the very ...

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  • The Complete Guide to an IPA Beer

    Aug 29

    Do you love a good bottle of your favorite beer? When it comes to our taste in brews, some of us are adventurous and love to dig into new flavors and brew types whenever we get a chance, while others prefer to stick to the same brew we've been ...

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  • Evolution of Flavor — How Beer Has Changed Over the Years

    Aug 29

    Are you a beer lover? When it comes to kicking back, enjoying a Vikings game and relaxing with friends in your living room or getting rowdy with other football fans at the bar, there's nothing better than sipping a few cans or pints of your favorite brew. Whether it'...

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  • 4 Beer Games to Play at Your Summer Cookout

    Jun 20

    Summer is back again, and you know what that means — hot, steamy days, long, lazy evenings, picnics, cookouts and neighborhood fun. Are you hosting a cookout this season for the Fourth of July or simply some old-fashioned eating enjoyment, outdoor-style? Celebrate summer with your friends and neighbors by making your ...

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  • A Brief History of Pizza

    Apr 3

    The warm oven aroma of sizzling cheese, sauce, and toppings is familiar to us all. There isn’t an American home that hasn’t experienced the delights of pizza. Whether it’s a midweek treat for the kids, girls’ night out or Super Bowl Sunday — ...

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  • A Guide to Minnesota Sports

    Apr 19

    Sitting atop Lake Superior, and well-known for its own lakes and thecultural landmarks of its “Twin Cities” Minneapolis and Saint Paul, let’s not forget the many sporting attractions Minnesota has to offer. In fact, this Midwestern state ranks among the few states that can boast a ...

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  • Four Local Craft Beers to Try

    May 10

    If you enjoy a frosty, frothy beverage from time to time, you already know there’s nothing quite like the Minneapolis craft beers you’ll find in the City of Lakes. Craft beer lovers can explore the beverage menu at Tasty Pizza’s Hangar 45. When you visit our aviation-themed bar, ...

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  • Top Sites to See in the Twin Cities

    May 24

    The Twin Cities are home to more than 3 million residents, and they welcome over 30 million visitors every year. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are such popular tourist destinations because they offer the perfect combination of outdoor fun, culture, and great dining choices. MUST-SEE SITES IN MINNEAPOLIS AND SAINT PAUL Whether you&...

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  • Free Family-Friendly Things to Do this Summer

    Jun 7

    As a parent, you may have trouble thinking of fun things to do with your whole family during the summer. It’s even more challenging to find activities that are affordable, let alone free. Fortunately, there are many Twin Cities family events and attractions that will keep kids of ...

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