Great Gifts for a Pizza Lover

Published November 16th, 2017 by Unknown

Do you have a pizza lover or two in your life? If so, you may be searching for some creative holiday gift ideas to celebrate their love for pizza. You can’t just keep giving gift certificates to the same pizza place year after year, after all. Luckily, we’ve identified some of the best gifts for pizza lovers for you:

1.A Raft in the Shape of a Slice

If a pizza lover you know also loves spending time in the pool during the warmer months, why not surprise the person with a raft they’ll love as much as they enjoy their favorite food? You can order a pool raft that has the same shape as a traditional slice of pizza. Depending where you order from, the float can show off some popular toppings, such as pepperoni, green onions and maybe even some black olives.


What list of holiday gift ideas would be complete without the mention of jewelry? While jewelry may not automatically come to mind when you’re trying to think of gifts for pizza lovers, you can find custom-made earrings in the form of gooey pizza slices. You can even order a necklace that has a pendant made up of as many pizza slices as you want. You can give your friend a whole pie, or keep half of the pendant’s separable slices for yourself and wear them on a necklace as a sign of your enduring, shared love of pizza and friendship.

3.Pizza Scissors

Reserve this cool gift for the pizza lover who truly has everything. This novel gift consists of a pair of scissors that has an attached slice holder on the left-hand side. What could be better than snipping your next piece of pie while nibbling on the one in the holder? We think the pizza lover you give this gift to will agree that there’s not much that can beat this neat gift.

4.Pizza Lights

For many, the holidays mean decorating inside and out. Don’t let your pizza lovers celebrate the holidays with just any old holiday lights. Give them some festive lights that celebrate their love of pizza and their fondness for the holiday season. You can order strings of lights that have illuminated pizza slices — they’re sure to tell the world how much the pizza lovers you know adore their favorite food. 

And all religious affiliations aside, who can't relate to pizza at any time of the year?

5. Socks and Shoes

Two of our favorite gifts for pizza lovers are pepperoni pizza socks and shoes dotted with pizza slices. Why not combine the two into one gift that will wow any true pizza lover? If you're looking for something slightly more classy but still as funny, preferably to suit a man, why not try some simple gray socks inscribed with "If you can read this..." and "...bring me pizza" on the soles? It's an easy, not too loud way to acknowledge a healthy pizza addiction. For a man-cave kind of style, try a comical pair of "I like pizza as more than a friend" socks.

6. Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for a gift for a young pizza enthusiast, why not order a sleeping bag made in the shape of a pizza slice? The crust is the pillow and the bag can be covered in toppings such as mushrooms and olives. Sleeping in a slice-shaped bag is a great way for any young pizza lover to get some rest. Plus, what's funnier for parents than to see their little ones all wrapped up and fast asleep in their favorite food?

7. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Do you have a cook or chef on your hands? If your pizza lover is an all-around food-lover as well, maybe the best kind of holiday gift ideas focus on items he or she can use — or even display — around the kitchen. If your pizza-loving friend or family member has a style that's either classy or eclectic, a bicycle pizza cutter could be the perfect present. With stainless steel, non-stick cutting wheels for slicing into their favorite pizza pies and a cool kick-stand for displaying when not in use, this pizza gift idea is the perfect combo of chic and comical!

8. Pizza Mug

Are you looking for a gift for a pizza lover who works in an office or sips a lot of coffee in the morning to power up for a pizza dinner later in the day? A mug might seem like a simple fix, but there's no end to the creativity you can capture in a cup — especially if it's pizza-themed! Incorporate some humor into your holiday gift idea and get your pizza-lover an "In pizza we crust" Illuminati mug or a phrase mug spelling out "I hate pizza — just kidding. Can you imagine?" Now they can carry around their craving all day, even before it's time for takeout.

9. Pizza Apparel

Want a simple gift that could fit any pizza lover and is easy to find but never goes out of style or becomes less useful? Nothing is better than a classic T-shirt proclaiming a proud love for pizza. It's a gift that's perfect for men, women and children alike, and you have so many design options to choose from! Need something for a good sense of humor? Try a dabbing bulldog pizza shirt for teenagers and college boys. Is your pizza lover also a math-lover? Surprise them with a pi-day pizza shirt! If you need something slightly simpler or more classy, try a home slice or pizza heartbeat T for women, older pizza lovers or friends with milder tastes.

10. Pizza Snack Bags

Do you know someone who loves to take pizza on the go? There's a simple pizza gift that will make their snacking and lunch habits simpler — it's called a pizza pocket! These slice-sized plastic packets on a string are easy to take anywhere for lunch or a quick snack without the mess. Your pizza-loving friend or family member will adore them.

Do you have any holiday gift ideas for pizza lovers? Head over to our social media pages and let us know what they are!

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