A Guide to Minneapolis Pizza

Published April 11th, 2018 by Unknown

What's your favorite kind of pizza? Are you partial to Chicago's specialty deep-dish style? Perhaps Sicilian pizza is your ideal slice, or maybe you enjoy nothing more than a New Haven Neapolitan tomato pie. Whether you crave a thick, doughy crust or a thin, greasy pie, we can all agree that when it comes to America's favorite Italian-inspired dinner dish, the gooey, saucy, scrumptious deliciousness of pizza is irresistible in all its forms.

Every big city has its own unique take on this classic. In Washington D.C., it's the jumbo slice. In St. Louis, it's the thin, cracker-like crust and rectangular slices. You can walk the streets of New York and visit iconic sites as you savor some folded, floppy pizza on a paper plate or take in the Chicago skyline and people-watch while you dig into some deep-dish with a fork. No matter where you roam on your pizza-tasting tour, nothing can compare to the special style of Minneapolis pizza.


Many will call Minnesota a melting pot in terms of food, especially when it comes to pizza styles. Some pizza places make a claim to a Minneapolis signature style consisting of a thin, greasy crust loaded with cheese, a plethora of toppings and a thick dose of spicy sauce with slices cut into tavern-style squares.

In addition to this fan favorite, however, Minneapolis is home to a constantly expanding scene of pizza diversity — we think you'll agree that our true pizza style is innovation. Wherever you choose to stop for pizza, you can be sure that every slice is infused with its own Minnesota twist. Here are some savory styles you can find around our city:

  • Coal-fired pizza: If you're looking for the fullest flavor in a package that's thin, crisp, chewy and firm all at once, you won't be disappointed by the fresh goodness of a coal-fired pizza crust. Cooked in anthracite coal ovens, this kind of pizza is a Minnesota classic.
  • California-style pizza: Have a taste for the nontraditional? Try our Minneapolis take on a California classic. This thin-crust, single-serving pizza is loaded with unusual ingredients like potatoes, artichoke hearts, chicken, broccoli and more.
  • Neapolitan pizza: Enjoy a big bite of tasty tomato and handmade dough. It's not always fancy, but it's a go-to favorite for uncompromised flavor.
  • Deep-dish pizza: Who says Chicago is the only place you can sink your teeth into a thick slice? Here in Minneapolis, we deliver deep-dish varieties you won't soon forget. Get your fill of flavor and innovation.


Looking for a warm, welcoming environment to enjoy a classic Minnesota slice and make yourself at home? Tasty Pizza is the perfect place to stop, sample and savor. Since our opening in 1963, we've been proud to offer a family-friendly atmosphere and amazing food to our Minneapolis community. With freshly made dough, fine tomatoes, quality ingredients, superb spices and our famous secret sauce, we'll show you how terrific Minneapolis pizza tastes. Stop in today!

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