5 Famous Pizzas From Television

Published April 25th, 2018 by Unknown

As one of America's most beloved foods, pizza is everywhere — cities, suburbs, streets, corners, the frozen foods aisle, the cafeteria and even the warming rack at your local convenience store. You can find family-friendly shops offering unique pizza pies in every town, and when you're pressed for time or just craving some comfort food, pizza is perfect for both taking out and dining in. Let's face it: Pizza's a huge part of our lives. It's even famous on-screen.

If you're looking for proof, just try circling back through some of its most memorable movie moments. Whether it's gracing the big screen or making a cameo in your favorite TV show, pizza has quite the television personality. Remember these famous appearances of pizza on TV?


After long days spent battling evil, preventing criminals from carrying out their dastardly plans, fending off mutated creatures and protecting New York City from even worse threats — like alien invaders — what could be more satisfying than settling down with a slice of pizza in their secretive sewer home? Everyone's favorite amphibious ninjas can certainly be defined as pizza crazy, and the TMNT series is packed with countless classic feast scenes. Little could make you crave pizza more than watching teenage turtles polish off a whole pie.


A tumultuous television series showing Walter White's descent into darkness and the dangerous world of drugs doesn't seem like the perfect premise for a pizza scene, but even the most difficult situations called for a delicious slice every now and then. Unfortunately, this ill-fated pizza is headed toward as heartbreaking an end as the series when Walt angrily tosses it on the roof, tarnishing a symbol of family — and a perfectly good dinner.


What can personify a confused group of well-meaning New York City friends better than a pizza? Through all their ups and downs, romances and heartbreaks, and achievements and failures, sharing an enormous, New-York-style pizza pie seems to be the best possible solution for any challenge these friends face. This show sure knows how to keep our hearts warm and our stomachs rumbling.


Pizza sure is the perfect way to set the scene — that's why the opening of this iconic '70s film features John Travolta ordering two slices from Lenny's Pizza and chowing down on the folded pizza as he struts down the street, imagining a more meaningful life. If pizza can fuel a life-changing dancing ability like that, it can do anything.


This 1980s movie is all about love, learning, coming-of-age and — of course — the pizza shop that makes it all possible. Throughout the discoveries, heartbreaks and accomplishments of the sisters and friends who wait tables at Mystic Pizza, one secret recipe and a love for pizza keep them strong and bring them back together.

Who knew how much of an impact pizza really makes? From satisfying our taste buds to seeing pizza on television, this dish is something special.

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