12 of the Crazy Pizza Products You Need

Published September 20th, 2017 by Unknown

Crazy for pizza? We’ve got a list of pizza products that includes everything you need to satisfy your undying love for pizza — they’re also the perfect gift for friends with pizza fever.

Check out these 12 crazy pizza products below:

1.Pizza Topping Dice

Can’t decide or agree on pizza toppings? Then it’s time to roll the dice and decide on veggies, meats, cheese and more.

2.Pasta and Vino Print

Show off your love for Italian cuisine with this laidback print. Hang it in your kitchen, living room or wherever you’d like to remind people that pizza, pasta and vino are the only meals worth eating.

3.Fitness Whole Pizza in My Mouth” T-Shirt

Love puns and pizza? We have a shirt for you. Strut your pizza pride in a hoodie, tank top, t-shirt and more with this fun shirt.

4.Pepperoni Pizza Friendship Necklace

Forget the heart-shaped friendship necklaces. Pizza friendship necklaces let you include more than two slices so that you can share them with all your friends — they’re also perfect for wedding parties.

5. “You’ve Stolen a Pizza My Heart” Card

Show your young love, fresh from the oven with this fun, sweet card. Share your affection and love for pizza with this card or romance your “Pizza, Pasta and Vino” friend with a pun greeting card for tortellini.

6. Pepperoni Pizza Bracelet

What if a “pizza” your heart got broken though? We’ve got the perfect gift to cheer you up. This pepperoni pizza bracelet will remind you to wait for one person and one person only — the pizza delivery guy.

7. Pizza-Flavored Lip Balm

Taste pizza all day with this pizza-flavored lip balm. Reinvigorate with the smell of cheese, tomato, basil and oregano whether you’re near or far from your local pizza parlor.

8.Pizza Love Poster

Share the greatest love story ever told with this true love pizza poster. Frame it for yourself or give it as a fun wedding gift.

9. Pizza Wrapping Paper

This pizza wrapping paper is an excellent way to mark your gifts to friends and family. Or, use it as a subtle suggestion for how you’d like your gifts to be wrapped.

10. Pizza Love Mug

Display your pizza love with this, “Pizza is the Only Love Triangle I Want,” mug. Use it while eating pizza or having your morning coffee.

11. Pizza Door Mat

Tell the world, from your closest friends to your usual delivery person, that pizza is number one. This fun pizza doormat says, “If you’re the pizza guy, Amazon or a babysitter, we’re here.”

12. Pizza-Scented Soap

Freshen up with pizza-scented soap and breathe in that heavenly cheese and basil scent throughout the day. Don’t forget to reapply your lip balm, too. These products may seem crazy, but when you’re a pizza lover, they make perfect sense. Once you’re surrounded by all this pizza paraphernalia, satisfy pizza cravings by visiting us at Tasty Pizza — the tastiest pizza place in town for savory, thin crust pizza.

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