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7 Things to Do in Minneapolis for Valentine’s Day


Are you living in the Minneapolis area and looking for something special to do this Valentine’s Day? Don’t just go out for a nice dinner, but take someone you love on a date that’s quintessential to Minneapolis — something embracing the chilly season and a bit outdoorsy. Discover seven great Minneapolis activities below you can do for Valentine’s day, or really anytime!

  1. Ice Skating: Have an unforgettable night by lacing up and skating in a historic train station at The Depot. The high ceilings an atmosphere are ideal for a romantic evening.
  2. Carriage Ride: Set the mood by taking your date on a nice, bundled carriage ride through downtown Minneapolis or Nicollet Island. This is an ideal activity to take it slow and snuggle up!
  3. Snowshoe Adventure: For a more thrilling adventure this Valentine’s Day, head to one of the parks in the area and strap on some snowshoes to take in beautiful and snowy nature — don’t forget a thermos of hot cocoa when you go!
  4. Cooking Class: For those who love to eat, a cooking class is a great way to get to know your date and satisfy your appetite.
  5. Ice Bar: For the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor, grab a drink at an ice bar. It’s a great way to imbibe, go on tame adventure with your date and a perfect excuse to cozy up.
  6. Hunt & Gather: If you’re a bit quirky and hoping to stand out on your date, go treasure hunting at Hunt & Gather — a fun vintage amusement store where you’re sure to have fun perusing the funky oddities.
  7. Wild Game or Performing Arts: If you and your date are sports fans, then go cheer on your favorite hockey team, the Minnesota Wild. It’s a great way to get rowdy and connect with something you both love. If you’re a bit less wild, take in a show at the Minneapolis orchestra, ballet or opera. You can expose yourself to something new and possibly see a show with a bit of romanticism.

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