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6 Things to Know Before March Madness in Minneapolis


March marks the beginning of March Madness — buzzer beaters, sneaking the game at work, school spirit and probably someone winning your office pool who’s never even heard of NCAA basketball. March Madness in Minneapolis can get a bit wild with team spirit and composing the perfect bracket, so embrace the craziness with some fun Minneapolis basketball facts below.

The Golden Gophers Are Currently 14th

If you like rooting for state teams during March Madness, then throw your support toward the Minneapolis basketball team, the Golden Gophers of the University of Minnesota. While the 2018 teams haven’t been announced yet, the Golden Gophers are currently ranked 14th and have a good chance of competing in this year’s tournament.

Minneapolis Is Hosting the Final Four in 2019

If you didn’t know, Minneapolis will be hosting the Final Four at U.S. Bank Stadium in 2019 — the last time Minneapolis had this honor was in 2001. This will be the fourth time Minneapolis has hosted one of sport’s best and most fun events. Since its last opportunity to host, Minneapolis has revamped its light rail and Nicollet Mall so attendees can walk or use public transit to take in the event.

March Madness Brings Happiness at Work

Did you know that participating in March Madness can increase your happiness in the workplace? By keeping the game on while working and competing in a bracket with coworkers, many report being happier and more positive at their jobs. Being happier at work not only makes the day go faster, but you’ll also find you’re more productive and creative.

You Can Have More Pizza and Beer!

If watching the games wasn’t enough fun, the food and drinks you enjoy at March Madness events makes it even more enjoyable — food and drink companies report an uptick in consumption for the month. Beer companies usually produce about 14 million barrels of beer per month, but in March that number jumps to 17 or 18 million barrels. Pizza companies also report an increase of 19% in the number of orders. With all of that pizza and beer, you’re the real winner of March Madness.

The Perfect Bracket

Whether you’re educated while creating your bracket or just compiling your bracket based on which school has a better mascot, it doesn’t matter — your bracket during the tournament will never be perfect. The chances of filling out a perfect bracket is one in 9.2 quintillion! So try not to take your bracket too seriously and just have fun with your friends.

Celebrate at an Alumni Bar

Some of the most fun places to watch the tournament is in an alumni bar with their overwhelming team spirit and school colors pasted to every surface and body — but watch out if that team loses! Alumni in Minneapolis from the Badgers to the Wildcats typically like the gather in the following bars — Tailgate Sports Café, The Pourhouse, Uptown Tavern, The Iron Door Pub and The Loop West End.

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