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Tasty Pizza Celebrates 55 Years!


Welcome to Tasty Pizza in Minneapolis, where we've been serving loyal customers fantastic food for 55 years.

As a staple in the area, our goal is to provide family-friendly service, community spirit and support, and meals that both warm your heart and make your mouth water. With a menu that boasts delicious homemade signature pizzas, delectable sandwiches, local craft beers, and hearty comfort-food favorites like chicken tenders, burgers, onion rings and fries, we're here to make our home your home. In honor of our 55th anniversary, learn a little more about how we got to where we are today.

Who Are We?

Tasty pizza is a family Minneapolis pizza business with passionate roots. We began in 1963 with founder Louie Sigorney and quickly became who w...

7 Reasons to Visit Minneapolis


Planning a trip to the twin cities? There's nowhere quite like Minneapolis. Known for its beautiful lakes and parks, it also offers a host of cultural landmarks, contemporary art scenes, bustling shopping opportunities and fantastic food! When you visit Minneapolis, you'll want to make sure you experience everything that makes it so special — and what better way to learn than from us locals? For all you adventurers aiming to explore our iconic city, here are seven reasons it's an ideal choice:

  1. The Shopping

Love to hunt for clothing, gifts, food, trinkets and other fun finds? Minneapolis is known for its plethora of shopping malls, including the world-famous Mall of America, which encompasses an aquarium, Nickelodeon Universe theme park and ot...

5 Famous Pizzas From Television


As one of America's most beloved foods, pizza is everywhere — cities, suburbs, streets, corners, the frozen foods aisle, the cafeteria and even the warming rack at your local convenience store. You can find family-friendly shops offering unique pizza pies in every town, and when you're pressed for time or just craving some comfort food, pizza is perfect for both taking out and dining in. Let's face it: Pizza's a huge part of our lives. It's even famous on-screen.

If you're looking for proof, just try circling back through some of its most memorable movie moments. Whether it's gracing the big screen or making a cameo in your favorite TV show, pizza has quite the television personality. Remember these famous appearances of pizza on...

A Guide to Minneapolis Pizza


What's your favorite kind of pizza? Are you partial to Chicago's specialty deep-dish style? Perhaps Sicilian pizza is your ideal slice, or maybe you enjoy nothing more than a New Haven Neapolitan tomato pie. Whether you crave a thick, doughy crust or a thin, greasy pie, we can all agree that when it comes to America's favorite Italian-inspired dinner dish, the gooey, saucy, scrumptious deliciousness of pizza is irresistible in all its forms.

Every big city has its own unique take on this classic. In Washington D.C., it's the jumbo slice. In St. Louis, it's the thin, cracker-like crust and rectangular slices. You can walk the streets of New York and visit iconic sites as you savor some folded, floppy pizza on a paper plate or take in t...

5 Pizza Dipping Sauces You Have to Try


A pizza slice or crust is good on its own, but it can be even better with the right dipping sauce to elevate your taste buds. But did you know that dipping sauce first began as a staple in the 1950s beginning as a side with breadsticks and became a pizza add-on due to customer demand.

Pizza chains then started expanding into different flavored sauces, and now, it’s hard to imagine pizza without the perfect dipping partner. The right pizza dipping sauce can change the game of pizza forever. With these five best dipping sauces, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Garlic Butter: You can never go wrong when you add a bit of butter to your food. Garlic Butter is the perfect addition to your pizza slice — the butter adds an extra fatty and creamy taste while the garlic enhances the pizza’s spices.
  2. Ranch: This is the perfect sauce to add creaminess, and the texture is perfect for dipping. The herbs and coolness of the dressing adds a punch to the flavor of pizza without overwhelming your taste buds.
  3. Honey: This sweet option may seem a bit odd, but sweet and savory make up the perfect taste combination. Drizzle some of this sweetness on your pizza for a surprisingly delicious meal.
  4. Hot Sauce: Is adding hot sauce to your food ever a bad idea? Hot sauce is the perfect complement to naturally spicy pepperoni.
  5. Bleu Cheese: Like ranch dressing, bleu cheese is a great option to add some creamy, coolness to your pizza while also dousing it with some additional cheese flavor.

Play With Your Taste Buds Today at Tasty Pizza

To experiment with all five of these dipping sauces, visit Tasty Pizza in Minneapolis, MN. We pride ourselves on having the tastiest pizza in town since 1963 and pair our menu perfectly with 18 local beers on draft. To make your eating experience even better, we offer weekly events including bingo and trivia among others. Visit our website to learn more, check out our upcoming events and salivate over the menu.

A Complete Guide for Minnesota Twins Fans


One of the best things about being a Minnesota Twins fan is that the beginning of baseball season marks the change from a brutally cold Minnesota winter to a beautiful spring marked with baseball games, team spirit and lots of peanuts and beer. See below why Minnesota Twins baseball fans are the best in the MLB and how you can be a better fan for the upcoming baseball season.


A great way to celebrate the Twins before the season even begins is by attending TwinsFest. This event celebrates the Twins with interactive, behind-the-scenes activities, and over 60 past and present players are expected to attend.

Downtown Minneapolis

One of the best parts of being a Minnesota Twins fan is that no matter win or lose, fans will flood Downtown Minneapolis to celebrate their team. If you haven’t been to a game, book one in the middle of summer when you can fully take in the amusement. There’s nothing like the fog of celebratory fireworks surrounding you in the street while you enjoy a beer and high five other fans you’ll probably never see again. These are the moments that remind us why we love being a baseball fan.

Twins Territory

When you’re a Minnesota Twins fan, you’ll never have a shortage of fellow fans. The Twins fans cover an expansive territory from North and South Dakota, parts of Iowa and even Canada. You can bet Target Field is always packed with fans from every part of the territory who have traveled for hours all to cheer on their home team. Twins have the best fans who love a solid team, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Our Favorite Rivals

Baseball wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have some healthy rivalries to make the games more exciting. For Twins fans we’ve got a few rivalries to get passionate about with the Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. Watching games with our favorite rivalries can make you a bit crazy, but that’s what fans love about being a baseball fan.

Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich

Each stadium has the classic stadium fare like popcorn, peanuts and nachos, but you’ll also find favorite foods that tell the story of where your team is located. For Minneapolis fans, the best game food is Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich — if you’ve had it before, then you know it’s magic. If you haven’t had this Cuban, visit Target Field for a game and visit sections 111 and 309.

Watch Your Home Team at Tasty Pizza

For when you can’t make it to a live game, the best way to watch the Minnesota Twins is with a beer and a slice at Tasty Pizza in Minneapolis, MN. We have over 18 kinds of local beer on draft and offer weekly events including bingo and trivia. Check out our website to learn more or to view our upcoming events.

A Brief History of Beer in America


It should be no surprise that beer has had a presence in America since its first settlers arrived in Virginia in the late 1500s. But did you know early attempts of brewed beer were undrinkable? Or that several of the founding fathers brewed their own beer at their estates? Explore a brief history of beer in America below.

First Batches of Brew

Beer was a staple in early America because it was considered a clean source of drinking water. The Virginia settlers first started brewing beer using corn, but the batches they developed weren’t good. England shipped barrels of beer to the colonies and signs were placed in England trying to encourage brewers to start settling in the New World. In 1612, Adrian Block and Hans Christiansen opened the first known brewery in New Amsterdam — now known as New York.

Once colonies were firmly established, settlers were able to gather and grow the necessary ingredients to properly brew beer like barley, wheat and hops. From there, more breweries started popping up in New Amsterdam, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. Colonists could also start establishing taverns — the first being in Boston by Samuel Cole.

The Founding Fathers

Did you know that not only did George Washington have his own brew house on his estate, but in 1754, he first recorded his own recipe for beer? In addition to Washington, Thomas Jefferson had his own brewery, and John Adams owned and operated a commercial brewery. During the Revolutionary War, beer was even given to soldiers as part of their daily rations.

To encourage beer consumption and with the hope of establishing a brewery in each state, in 1789, James Madison suggested an eight cent tax on each barrel of malt liquor — hoping a low tax would increase beer manufacturing. In the 1800s beer and liquor was a major aspect of the American economy. By 1870, 6.6 million barrels of beer were being brewed in America.

Prohibition and Beyond

Beer remained a popular staple in American culture until the early 20th century with the passing of the 18th amendment, prohibiting the manufacturing, distribution and sale of alcohol. During this time, citizens turned from beer and wine to other distilled beverages, and criminal activity increased, despite the amendment’s original intentions. Prohibition was repealed with the passing of the 21st amendment in late 1933.

From there, other beer innovations popped up like cans in the early 1930s, the pull-tab can in 1965 and the beginning of home brewing — a law passed by Jimmy Carter in 1978.

Join Us for a Beer at Tasty Pizza Today

If you love and appreciate the history of beer in America, then join us for a cold one at Tasty Pizza in Minneapolis, MN. We have 18 beers on tap from local craftsman — all pair perfectly with the tastiest pizza in town! Visit us online today to view our full menu and to check out a list of our weekly events, including bingo and trivia.

The Craziest Pizza Toppings from Around the World


Although pizza originated in Italy, it’s a favorite food around the world from Brazil to Japan. In the United States, our favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onion, green pepper and extra cheese — but every country has their take on this favorite classic. Pizza toppings around the world vary and are often based on culture, regional tastes and local food options. While some of the popular pizza toppings listed below seem a bit odd, with pizza it’s hard to go wrong!

  • Japan: Being completely surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that people in Japan enjoy squid and eel as a topping on their pizza. These fishy favorites are also paired with Mayo Jaga — a mixture of potato, mayonnaise and bacon.
  • India: In India, they like a punch of flavor on their pizza with minced mutton, pickled ginger, tofu and paneer, which is a form of cottage cheese.
  • Russia: Russians are no stranger to the cold and prefer their pizza cold with Mockba on top — a combination of sardines, tuna, mackerel, onion, salmon and red herring.
  • Pakistan: Popular pizza toppings in Pakistan include curry, chicken tikka and anchari chicken.
  • France: The French have their own take on pizza, also known as a tarte flambée with onion, bacon and fresh cream on a thin layer of dough.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch enjoy having twice as much toppings with the “Double Dutch” — pizza with double meat, double onion and double cheese.
  • Sweden: Would you try this Swedish favorite — pizza topped with a mixture of chicken, peanuts, bananas, curry powder and pineapple?
  • Australia: Australians enjoy pizza all day and have special fare for breakfast and dinner. Their breakfast pizza is topped with bacon, ham and egg, and in the afternoon, they’ll be munching on pizza with BBQ sauce, pineapple and shrimp.
  • Costa Rica: This island thinks outside of the box for their favorite pizza topping combination, shrimp and coconut.
  • Brazil: Perhaps the most unusual pairing with pizza worldwide, the largest country in South America tops their pizza with green peas, corn, raisins, hearts of palm and hard-boiled eggs.

Visit Your Favorite Minneapolis Pizzeria

Do you enjoy even crazier pizza toppings on your favorite pie? Tell us your favorite topping by visiting our website or reaching out to us on social media! At Tasty Pizza, we’ve been a stap...